• Cocktails and Bunny Tails. It's Easter Time!

Cocktails and Bunny Tails. It's Easter Time!

Frills, pastels, and bunny tails - yes, söpöbabes, Easter Sunday is THIS Sunday.  The Christ has risen, and so has the brunches, the mimosas, and all your beautiful friends in their springy best.  

Dressing for this holiday can be tricky if you're not parading yourself in the French Quarter (which we also recommend, obvs).  Keeping it sartorially sound IS totally possible this Easter, with pieces you can wear throughout the season and into the summer, and we're here to show you the modern way to do it this Sunday.

Our fresh shipment of Japanese cotton dresses totally has us in a warm-weather mood.  An of-the-moment, sculptural shape in traditional seersucker (1.)?  You know we're down for that.  A touch of bohemian cool with both a well-chosen hat (2.) and an artisinally-dyed clutch (6.) provides just the right twist on the traditional look.  You can even smell like a belle with bite thanks to OLO; violet pairs with leather for the ultimate masculin-féminin scent (3.).

When it comes to the whole "modern southern classic" thing, local designers Queens Metal and Krewe du Optic know a thing or two.  Shop the frame that Gwyneth Goop'ed and the earrings we can't keep in stock:  both total no-fails to top off your perfect Easter look.


  • Britta Barlogie

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