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How to Wear a Handkerchief

Twist and Shout

The handkerchief is an accessory that keeps recycling through the decades, and frankly, we’re glad. Bandanas and handkerchiefs first started coming back last summer, but now they’re in full swing. They may give your style a sense of laid-back and ease, but it takes practice to learn how to fold handkerchiefs. Strive for crisp creases in your folds so you don’t overwhelm your look.

Keep Your Cool

Depending on how you wear your handkerchief, it can add flair to an edgy or classic look. While they may keep you on trend, remember handkerchiefs have a utilitarian aspect as well. Since they’re cotton and washable, handkerchiefs are perfect for wiping sweat off your face or touching up your make up. They also easily tuck into your purse. Find a vintage one from a flea market or one your dad still has or pick up a set of playful designs that we carry.

8 Ways to Wear a Handkerchief

  1. Around your head
  2. Around your pony tail or bun
  3. Around your neck
  4. As a pocket square
  5. Around your upper arm (cue Carrie Bradshaw)
  6. Around your wrist
  7. On your purse or tote
  8. Around your ankle

One for fun: let your dog wear one too!

Photos avobe: Man Repeller/Instagram

The options are endless so get creative with your handkerchief! They’re great for male and dog companions too. We’re most intrigued by the latest way to wear a handkerchief—around your ankle. Providing a bit of edge, a bandana tied to your ankle is another form of an anklet.

Of course handkerchiefs can later be hung on your wall as art, framed or unframed. Their vintage and graphic appeal make a great addition to a gallery wall or stand alone as an independent piece.

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