• In the Nude: Warm Shades in Home Décor

In the Nude: Warm Shades in Home Décor

It's Only Natural

In shades of cocoa and hazelnut, it's impossible not too feel warm and cozy. With the heat though, we're still warm from our sun-kissed skin and aren't ready to get rid of our light, airy whites of summer just yet. Whether white is the base of your wardrobe or your home, the color is easy to transition for fall with coffee-inspired hues.

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Follow our tips for inspired home décor:

1. Color

White adds a pop of modern color while warm browns create an earthy and rustic feel. Gold makes for a great neutral and is a way to brighten up the palette. It's shine is perfect for accent pieces and complement warm browns while bronze or brass will also do the trick. Touches of black keep the palette grounded.

Shop: Toast Ceramics Dotts Bitty Bowl / Virginia Sin Watercolor Well Vases- Small & Large / Honeycomb Studio Waxing Moon Bottle / Honeycomb Studio Polka Dot Apothecary Bottle / Honeycomb Studio Minimal Bud Vase / Burnin' for You Candle Co.- Where Wild Roses Grow & Sunday Tea

2. Texture

With a subtle colors, your pieces become all about texture. Think dots, watercolors, metallics . . . Texture not only applies to how an item looks but how the piece feels. Textures are inviting and encourage usage.

Shop: Loomed Basket Weave Pestamel / Virginia Sin Oyster Plate

With the Honeycomb Studio Rectangle Vase, you can feel the hand-carved etchings on its sides as with the Virginia Sin Oyster Plate. Similarly, Loomed's pestamels and handwoven Turkish textiles are great textural additions that look beautiful folded our draped over a wooden bench. Off course, they shouldn't just sit pretty though; pestamels are multi-functional and can be used as wraps, blankets or towels.

Shop: Loomed Pestamels- Snow & Quarry

3. Combine Elements

Mix together different patterns and textures. Start with a staple or statement piece, such as a rug. In-store we have a few cowhide rugs in camel and chocolate. More textural elements that look great when layered include whitewash, wood, and leather.

Shop: Virginia Sin Ice Cream Cone / Fishs Eddy Milk Bottle- In-store only / Imm Feathered Canister / Fishs Eddy Rest in Grease Spoon Rest- In-store only / Toast Ceramics Dots Lil' Cup / Honeycomb Studio Porcelain Salt Cellar

4. Add Foliage or Florals

Emphasize the natural and earthy elements of brown with simple greenery indoors. Whether it's small branches or trees, plants can effect the tone of the room. Cacti embraces the wildness of the desert or West while the aroma of eucalyptus captures your attention and sense of smell when you walk pass.

Shop: Honeycomb Studio Rectangle Vase / Sir Madam Faded Black Gingham Napkins / Sir Madam Oyster List Tea Towel / Sir Madam Honey Dipper / Loomed Snow Peskir / Loomed Quarry Pestamel


Together these design elements create a warm, calm, and relaxing home. It may seem simple, but when layered, they create a space rich in character.


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Shop: Bell Tote- Woodland & Midnight / Chelsea Tote in Woodland


Shop: Burnin' for You Candle Co.- Sunday Tea / Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Facial Oil / Finn & Co. Fragrance Oil- Black Sand & White Sand / Smoke Perfume / Wary Meyers Cedarwood Vanilla Soap / Loomed Tree Bark Kese Mitt- Natural / Helen Michelson White Sands Room Spray / Finn & Co. Salt Your Soul / Smoke Full Moon Rose Body Oil / Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Milk Bath Soak

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