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Nadia Tarr is an American contemporary designer that sells womens ready-to-wear clothing. A former dancer and self-taught seamstress, she has revolutionized the idea of dressing in the modern world and blazed a trail for beautifully designed and considerately constructed clothing. Nadia is an artist as much as a designer, with an independent and thoughtful sense of beauty. As an avid collector of vintage and antiques, her style blends the modern with the nostalgic, the spectacular with the sensible, form with function. Nadia Tarr Collection focuses on intelligent, inspired design by re-architecting the femininity of a bygone era for the contemporary women. As a lover of the environment and proponent of sustainable living, Nadia Tarr proudly sources fabric made in America, manufactured locally in Brooklyn.

  • BrooklynModernNew YorkTimeless

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