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Woman Crush Wednesday: Iris Apfel

The oversized eyewear.

The larger-than life jewelry collection (and that layering game!).

That red lip.

The snowy pixie cut.

There are many tenets to style legend Iris Apfel's look that we are deeply inspired by at söpö.  Her game leaves girls a quarter of her age in the dust (she's ninety.  three.).  Her complete fearlessness and on-point style instinct keeps us enthralled every time we see her.  Her resistance to Youth Culture in the United States is hilarious - she's very much against plastic surgery and makes jokes about still having "her own face".  Not to mention, Iris has reached the peak of her notoriety just now, despite being deep in the fashion world since working for Women's Wear Daily in the 1950's.  

One of the most refreshing parts of Iris' sensibility is that she never, ever takes herself seriously.  Once, when being interviewed, she described the editors at Vogue "carrying on with me as though I was the creator of Penicillin or something".  The color, the prints, the textures: they're all a direct result of the incredible and hilarious woman wearing them.  This is just as good personal style should be.


Channel the icon of Advanced Style with an oversized frame from our "cheapies" section ($20, y'all!), along with a larger-than-life statement piece from our sale section.  To really hit it home, never, ever, EVER shy away from a print; and hint at your bohemian undercurrents with a sweet set from Carolina K.

While you're at it, watch the documentary Iris about her life with her husband, or go see Advanced Style on Netflix instant.  You'll be vibing on the self-professed "geriatric starlet" in no time.

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