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Woman Crush Wednesday: Nina Simone

Yup, we just saw the documentary.  Our hearts are wrenched and we're feeling ALL THE FEELS.

It goes without saying that Nina's music is nothing short of total, legendary genius.  The raw, emotional power of that delicious baritone voice; her lyrical prowess; her steadfast political vocalism; her stand against inequality:  Nina has always been nothing short of an icon to us.  Her struggle as an artist - yes, she was tortured, and difficult, and complicated - only drives home for us how much of a genius, what a gift to the world she truly was.  She was certainly in the ranks of visionaries who sometimes sacrificed their personal lives and well-being for the sake of their craft.  She was a human who gave us the best that she had, and that best will be with us for generations to come.

Her style, well, that's just the icing on the (very complex) cake.

To honor Miss Simone:

1. A headscarf is a must.  Read:  total, instant glamour.  It's at once retro and timeless, and - bonus points! - it's is quite possibly the most stylish way on the planet to hide a bad hair day.

2. Never, ever shy away from a graphic print.  Wear your inner boldness on the outside. 

3. Your life is important.  It might be bad, it might be good, chances are it's both.  Regardless of all your ups and downs:  document!  Even if you never get your own netflix documentary in your honor, your struggles and triumphs matter, and it's so important to write them down.

If you get a chance, we strongly recommend an emotional night with your boo or bestie, a glass of good Cabernet, and this beautiful and poignant film.  Enjoy, söpö girls!

  • Becksondergaardfoley and keanenina simoneshinolaWoman Crush Wednesday

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