Locals Only : #FESTDREAMS Day Three

Here we come with #FESTDREAMS day three! today we're all about linen.

This dress is the perfect shift with a breathable linen fabric and a cool modern floral print. Paired with a dark hat to contrast the muted pink of the dress, and a one of a kind crystal necklace, you can't go wrong. 


Starting from the top: Straw Hat with Leather Chin Strap | Black | San Diego Hat Company, St. Louis Sunglasses | Black Polarized | KREWE du Optic, Stratta Rope Necklace | Black | Times Deux, Check Dress | Futuristic Flowers | Dusen Dusen 



And don't forget to protect baby's ears as well! Let them rock out to the music with you while keeping their delicate ears safe with our Baby Banz Ear Muffs in multiple colors and sizes. 


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