Currently Loving : Beach Must-Haves From The söpö Girls

It's beach season y'all. Seeing as all the girls here at söpö would lay on a beach 24/7 if allowed, we decided to let y'all in on our beach must-haves (and a few hilariously unforgettable beach memories). 


San Diego Hat Company Ribbon Hat - "Because it can get wet and still hold it's shape.  I like it in the aqua/turqoise color."


Black Crane Long Gathered Dress - "It goes from cover up, to dress, to evening night gown.  Perfect vacay dress."

LionHeart Prints "Yeaux Leaux" Insulated Cup - "Keeps my cold bevy cold!  Duh!"

Those are great picks! That "Yeaux Leaux" cup is genius. Now, for the fun part. Let us in on one of your embarrassingly funny beach memories!

Well, it was in Grande Isle at the Tarpon Lounge. I decided to sing "Rolling on the River" in front of a whole bunch of gross dudes who had just come in from off shore (alcohol may have been involved). Classy.





S'well Water Bottle - "My S'Well Bottle has been a beach and pool staple since long before my söpö days.  Hello, consistently slushy margarita (yup, even in the sun)."

Becksöndergaard O-Mansion Bag - "Expands to enormity and fits all my kids' toys, yet when I'm packing it folds down to nothing.  Plus it's freakin' adorable."

High-Waisted Black Bikini - "super versatile and - bonus points! - under a sheer dress it just looks like made-to-be-seen chic undies.  Pool to dinner with no pit stop in between!"

LOVE the high-waisted black bikini idea. So, what's your most embarrassingly hilarious beach memory?

My funniest beach memory was at the tail end of my worst beach vacation of all time (bringing a 2-year-old=not the best idea), and we went out for one last day in the water.  There were jellyfish everywhere, but the kind with no tentacles, which I had seen a lot on the beach growing up when I was little and knew they didn't sting.  My son was afraid of them, so I picked one up and started wading over to him, and just as I was beginning to say, "Here baby, look, they don't sti-" I saw an ENORMOUS man o' war right in between me and my kiddo.  We all screamed, ran out of the water, and were more than happy to head home early.





Loomed Towel - "They're huge! Perfect for the beach."

KREWE du Optic Sunglasses - "DUH"

Clare Vivier Green Leather Weekender Bag and Tote - "I bring them on EVERY trip i take."

Those KREWES are incredible. Your turn! What's your funniest beach memory?

Spring Break 90s. I slept in a sleeping bag because of course there were like 12 of us in the condo. I woke up and couldn't find my arm. It was the first time i'd ever experienced a body part literally going dead to the point that I had to use my other functioning arm to locate it because I had NO feeling in it.





Lomography Lomo'Instant Sanremo Camera - "It's instant gratification with a type of photography that is totally back in style"

Porridge Clothing Aberdeen Romper in Birds - " This thing is not only cute, but lightweight as well. I wore it as a cover-up at the beach, then straight out to the bar. I can't tell you how many compliments I got on it."

Becksöndergaard O-Cornelia Pouch - "I throw my phone, headphones, sunglasses in and i'm ready to go."

Funniest beach memory?

My funniest  beach memory would have to be a recent one (AKA last weekend). I set up on the beach with a few friends on some beach chairs and got so comfortable that I fell asleep...for three hours. Needless to say I now have a nice little tan on only one half of my body. 



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