• Wear What Where : Nadia Tarr + Lark In The Park
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Wear What Where : Nadia Tarr + Lark In The Park

    It's that time of year again. A time for brunchin', festin', and the annual event Lark in the Park. As New Orleanians, we take pride in our city, and events like Lark in the Park give us a chance to support it. SÖPÖ  is beyond proud to be named as one of the many sponsors of an event that helps to raise funds for City Park, a local establishment in the heart of the Big Easy.

    As we all know, City Park is huge. It's massive. From carousal rides, to a jog down the track, to music festivals, to museums, CP offers the city a one of a kind experience every time you go. With this incredible space comes an equally incredible amount of fees, and 85% of the funds going towards the park are self generated. Events like Lark in the Park are crucial to not only running CP, but making sure it's magic stays alive with renovations and updates through the years to come. 

Feeling inspired? Want to be a part of this awesome night (Friday, March 13)? Then it's time to buy your tickets!
(link below will get you to the tickets, and a little more info on the when's and where's)


     OK, now that you have your tickets, it's time to plan the outfit. It will be a night to remember, why should what you wear be any different?
     SÖPÖ prides itself in carrying high-end, on trend women's clothing for EVERY type of woman. Of our many fabulous designers, Nadia Tarr is by far a SÖPÖ favorite. 


     An incredibly talented New York based designer, Nadia Tarr dreamed of a dance career in the big city. While making her own clothes, and even costuming a number of New York's premier modern dance companies, Nadia found her flirty fluid dresses to be a hit with everyone she ran into. From there a clothing line grew, dedicated to dressing woman, helping them deel strong, confident, feminine and real (I know, we're obsessed with her too).
     The Nadia Tarr clothing line comes in a range of sizes from small to large, and thanks to her superior quality stretch knit-jersey fabric, a large in her clothing could easily fit a woman who is a size 18-20!
     With stunning designs and undeniable comfort, what could be better suited for a night out drinking, and celebrating our unicorn of a city than a dress that makes you want to dance the night away?


I know it's not a dress, but what's not to love about this gorgeous navy jumpsuit? It's straight tailored lines are perfectly balanced with the flow of it's pant legs, and the casual nature of the thin spaghetti straps. This is perfect for the sophisticated woman, who likes to carry her modern style into her nights out.  Picture yourself dancing the night away, drink in hand, rocking this simple yet significant jumpsuit.You'll be chic, comfy, and flirty all at the same time. You're welcome.


This is a personal favorite of mine so I will be honest, I'm a little biased, but i'm sure you see why. This dress has a classic shape, and extremely flattering silhouette, paired with a simple black color and deep neckline (oh, and structured shoulders. We die). With a  full flowing skirt and forgiving cotton knit fabric, this dress will allow you to twirl the night away. Whether you're movin' on the dance floor, or chatting under on Oak sipping wine, you'll look stunningly classic in this must have piece.


Last, but certainly not least, we have this bombshell. Yes it is a bustier dress, yes it is bright red with white striping, yes you will fall in love with it the second you slip it on. While this dress has a flirty flowing skirt as well, it is unique with it's in-your-face-sexy bustier bodice. I can say with all honesty that I have yet to meet a woman who looks bad in this dress. It is the perfect shade of red to compliment almost every skin town, and you can't go wrong with that shape. Hugging you in all the right places, while supporting and excintuating your body in the right ways, we dare you not to have fun in this dress. 


It's hard to choose, we know. We also know that no matter what you choose to wear, you'll look fabulous, because let's face it, it's impossible to look bad in Nadia Tarr. 

So stop in, say hey, drink a beer (because we'll probably offer you one), and let us help you get ready for a night you'll never forget, in clothing you'll never want to take off. 


P.S. Want to know more about Lark in the Park and what you can expect? Check out our previous blog post featuring a one on one interview with our very own Robin Borne, Co-owner of SÖPÖ and board member for Lark in the Park. 

  • CityParkdressEffortlessly ChiceventflirtyjumpsuitKnitLarkInTheParkModernNadiaTarrNewOrleansNewYorkParkpartystretchTimeless

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