Translating the Runway

As fiends of fashion, New York Fashion Week is the most important time of year. Second to Paris Fashion Week, because... well, Paris. Every season, we wait in anticipation of our favorite designer’s fashion shows looking to be dazzled and inspired by the sharp forms of the clothes, designer fabrications, and sneak peaks of upcoming fashion trends.

This season, we noticed several looks which parallel a few items in the store. Here are some ways you can transpose the runway into your every day life:


 1. Pamela Rolland:


Here you notice flowing silk in shades of blue and graphite. On the runway, the look is accessorized in order to create a more formal aseptic.  up a notch with the use of creative accessories.

We paired our Silk Caftan Stark X dresses with St. Claude jewelry and a floppy wool hat to bring the look to a street style look and feel.

2. Creatures of Comfort:


Again Creature of Comfort rocked our fashion inspiration with this printed jump suit. We were blown away by the similarity to the Ilana Kohn printed jumpsuit that is on sale in our store. Dress this look up or dress it down for a comfortable yet extremely chic look and feel.

3. Zero + Maria Cornejo:


We are thrilled to see one of our newest (and most adorable) looks walk the runway. Flowing white and black printed dresses are all the rage this year, and Zero Maria really showed well. The geometric print directly correlates back to one of our newest additions, the Evil Eye Off the Shoulder dress by Nieves Lavi.


What New York Fashion Week looks have inspired you this season? How are you translating them into your personal street style? 

We’re pretty excited to see how the rest of Fashion Week unfolds. There are so many designers that impact our sense of style at söpö, we are putting together a roundup of our favorite looks. This being the first of the series with the second being released on Saturday. Most likely, we end up doing the same thing on March 3rd as well for Paris Fashion Week - drool.

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