• Mardi Gras: Are you In or Out?
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Mardi Gras: Are you In or Out?


It’s the theme of Mardi Gras and, as such, it means many things to many people. The spirit of the season is total hedonism, which to you may not necessarily mean camping out on the route (but if it does, homie, that’s cool too). Locals know that Mardi Gras means more than parade day, and we have you totally covered for whatever the season means to you.

If you’re planning a swankily boozy get-together for Carnival, you are one of our favorite people.  Sometimes it’s best to revel with a more selective group; hang out on the front porch, have some cocktails and king cake, and make your own festivities. Hanging on the parade route is fun but sometimes Mardi Gras calls for making memories in a, say, more chilled-out way.

Many don’t realize that the inimitable Loomed NOLA Mardi Gras Scarf ($60) doubles as a perfect table runner (it’s a Turkish Towel, you guys!), instantly making your spread festive as heck.  Serve your guests your signature libations in our new, bestselling Under the Influence Glassware Set ($39)– the most elegant way to get turnt! Is your house near the routes? Put these Plastic Cup Sets by the door so your guests don’t, you know, get arrested or something.

If you are braving the crowds and heading to The Routes, nothing says “Right over here, mister!” like an awesome headpiece – a feathered crown is a nod to the Mardi Gras Indian culture, while being super useful for the upcoming festival season. Throw on a festive tee (like these local gems from Lionheart, Swamp Trash, or Schnell studios), a pair of Blank NYC jeans, and you’re out the door.


Sometimes socializing during Carnival means dressing up and heading out to the balls. Want a last-minute, cool-girl-does-Mardi-Gras dress? Our flawless 100 % silk charmeuse caftans ($165) and gowns ($185) are arriving Monday! Hurray for dresses that are elegant and effortless, perfectly priced, and that you won’t want to donate after the big night. Pair with a rhinestone or gold metal crown headpiece for the perfect hit of offbeat glamour.

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  • accessoriesblögColorfulfestivalFestival StylefunglasswarehousewaresKnitLoomed NOLALouisianamardi grasNOLAscarfturkish towel

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